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A safety audit is a systematic critical review of the safety management systems in use in the workplace. In essence the audit system consists of a series of questions relating to safety matters in the workplace, review of all health and safety documentation and an inspection of the workplace.

The audit is likely to address the following areas:
• Safety policy and documentation
• Training selection of new employees/contractors
• Liaison and communication
• Planning
• Plant and equipment
• Working practices / Safe systems of work
• Welfare environment procedures


Inspections provide organisations with information on how effectively they are controlling risks, and how well they are developing a positive health and safety culture. They can identify problems before an accident occurs and provide an opportunity to make the necessary improvements before things go wrong.

Inspections should be done by people who are competent to identify relevant hazards and risks and who can assess the conditions found.

The key steps to a well thought out inspection will include:
• Well designed inspection forms
• A system of issuing and tracking improvement actions
• Periodic analysis of findings to identify common issues or trends which might reveal weaknesses in health and safety systems

To organise an audit for your current systems or for further information on inspections, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Review health and safety procedures and identify any relevant hazards and risks
Review health and safety procedures and identify any relevant hazards and risks